8 månader sedan

Release notes 2016-11-01

Exciting release yesterday, here’s what’s new: Manual bets Users can now add manual bets on markets not covered by the Oddsers automatic correction platform. When event is over, users manually correct their bets if not auto corrected. This, of course, means users can log ANY BETS on existing events. If covered by the Oddsers auto correction,… Läs mer

9 månader sedan

Release notes 2016-09-26

Hi again fellow Oddsers! We’ve got some pretty exciting news to share with you. We feel like we’re really getting somewhere and the backlog is filled with even more updates. More on those later, here’s what’s new in today’s release: Back bet logic update Pretty huge one actually. If you find a bet you fancy, just… Läs mer

10 månader sedan

List of updates since launch

Hi everyone! Since this is the first release post, it will be quite massive but in order to slim it down a bit, we have chosen not to include minor bug fixes, design issues etc to instead focus on the large changes. The purpose of these release notes is to show what’s new of course,… Läs mer

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